Kutless - What faith can do

domingo, 28 de março de 2010

Adoro Viajar

A coisa mais me alegra na vida e' viajar e conhecer novas terras, novas paisagens e novos lugares. A minha proxima viagem gostaria que fosse a' Suica, como ja conheco grande parte dos paises da Europa ocidental so' me falta conhecer mesmo e' esse lugar magico e fabuloso. Aqui ficam algumas imagens para quem quiser sonhar.

sexta-feira, 5 de março de 2010

One day...

One day I want to fly away through this galaxy and touch the colours of the stars, I don't know how to do that because I am so scared of hights; but one day i am going to tanscend this body. I am going to be one with all the universe and I am going to meet God in all His plenitude, because I am one with all of His creation. I believe that everything that exists was the 'work' of God because if I believed in evolution how could I still believe in God?
The bible says that the world was created by God, if some christians don't believe that's true how could they believe in the rest of the bible? We have to stand firm for what we believe and reason with scientific prove that the evolutionists are right. I believe in a creative God because I am creative too, I can paint because HE created me as an artist while inside of my mothers' womb.